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I need to take a course again. Where can I see the start dates I have to pick from?

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I need to take a course again.  Where can I see the start dates I have to pick from?
If you are a corporate/organizational partner student, please return to your organization's enrollment portal, or contact the people you initially enrolled through to re-register.

If you enrolled on your own at, or with the assistance of an eCornell enrollment counselor, follow these next steps.

To view the upcoming start dates, please do the following.
  • go to and click "Certificate Programs" at top 
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  • Search through the available listings until you find the certificate program you're enrolled in. You can also search by using command or control + F and typing in your certificate title. For the sake of this example, we are attempting to select a new start date for the first course in Data Analytics.
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  • Click on the certificate title, which is a link to the certificate details page. Next, click Enroll Now
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  • Keep in mind, you will not pay again for your certificate, this is just to help you see what available dates there are for you to retake your course. Select the option to Determine Your Own Course Schedule and click Continue.
    • Note: If viewing course dates for Plant-Based Nutrition, you will not see the below prompt, and it will take you directly to course date selection.
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  • Now you will see a list of courses and section start dates. 
  • Make a note of the date you would like.
  • NOTE: Do not complete the purchase. This method is the only way to see available dates.
  • When you are ready to pay your re-take fee, notify the helpdesk of the course code and start date you wish to retake the course
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